What are the common textile fabrics?

Cotton fabrics

Cotton is one of the most common fabrics in the textile field, but of course there are many different types of cotton, after different processes cotton also has different characteristics, such as combed cotton, washed cotton, etc., but cotton has good moisture absorption and breathability, soft touch and excellent warmth to make the fabric more comfortable to wear.

Silk fabrics

Silk fabrics are also more common, with silk as the raw material for the silk we also called silk, of course, there is also a part of the simulation of silk made of chemical fibres, the same variety is also a lot of, can make the clothing is mainly concentrated in women's clothing. The overall characteristics are thin, soft, breathable and very good, mulberry silk is a more precious material, so this type of silk is generally used only for the production of high-end clothing such as evening dresses.

Wool fabrics

The main raw material is wool, which can be used to make suits, coats and other clothing.

Hemp fabrics

The main characteristics of hemp fibre are moisture absorption, breathability and wear resistance, and the corrosion resistance is also very good.

Chemical fabrics

Chemical fibre fabrics have good abrasion resistance and can be produced in large quantities because of their low cost. Common chemical fibre fabrics include polyester, nylon, etc. They occupy a large share of the market by virtue of their price advantage and practicality and are commonly used to produce short sleeves and trousers and other woven products.