What is a laminated fabric?

Lamination fabric is a new type of material made of one or more layers of textile, non-woven and other functional materials bonded together;

Composite fabric is a kind of ultra-fine fiber, after special textile processing and unique dyeing finishing, and then through the "composite" equipment processing, composite fabric is "Lamination Fabric" in English "Soft Shell Fabric", as the composite fabric is made of ultra-fine fibres, the fabric has a high cleaning capacity, i.e. the ability to remove dirt;

Composite fabrics use "new synthetic fibres" high-tech and new materials, with many excellent performance (compared with ordinary synthetic fibres), such as fabric delicate, elegant, warm, fabric appearance full, windproof and breathable, and has a certain waterproof function. It is mainly characterised by warmth and good breathability. The fabric also has the following characteristics: microfibre fabrics have good abrasion resistance, soft feel, breathability and moisture permeability, so it has obvious advantages in terms of touch and physiological comfort, microfibre weave wrinkle resistance is poor; in order to overcome this shortcoming, the use of "composite" process, greatly improving the microfibre fabric wrinkle resistance is poor. In order to overcome this shortcoming, a "lamination" process has been adopted, which greatly improves the disadvantages of microfiber fabrics with poor wrinkle resistance. Composite fabric is a popular jacket fabric in Europe and the United States.

Woven fabrics and knitted fabrics combined; knitted fabrics and knitted fabrics composite; woven fabrics and woven fabrics combined together. Sports and leisure clothing using knitted fabrics composite knitted fabrics, with the effect of woven fabrics and good elasticity, so in this type of clothing consumers are still very popular and welcome.