2020 20th Jiangsu Nanjing International Textile and Apparel Supply Chain Expo

【Introduction to CNTE Exhibition】

2020 Nanjing International Textile Fair changed its name to Nanjing International Textile and Apparel Supply Chain Expo (International Name CNTE). Since the exhibition was held in 2002, it is already a professional exhibition with a large scale, high level, wide coverage of exhibits, and ideal trading effects one. The theme of the expo is "international, brand, professional"; developing the market as the main line; brand promotion as the direction; business cooperation as the purpose, passing the most abundant textile industry information, and winning the trust of many domestic and foreign buyers and exhibitors. The enterprise establishes a good platform for negotiation and procurement exchange. "

【CNTE Organization】

Organizer: Nanjing International Chamber of Commerce

Supporting unit: Jiangsu Federation of Industry and Commerce Apparel Industry Chamber of Commerce Jiangsu Province Federation of Industry and Commerce Sewing Equipment Chamber of Commerce

Nanjing Chamber of Commerce and Industry Apparel Chamber of Commerce Nanjing Apparel Industry Association

Organization unit: Nanjing Baimu Exhibition Co., Ltd. Nanjing China Textile Exhibition Co., Ltd.

【Reviews of previous years】

A Exhibitors: The exhibition area of ​​previous exhibitions totaled 18,000m2, and enterprises from 13 countries and regions participated in the exhibition. Among them, domestic exhibitors accounted for 85%, and overseas exhibitors accounted for 15%. The booths are arranged according to popular textile fabrics, fashion accessories, popular yarns, clothing OEM, clothing machinery and other categories. The success of the previous exhibitions proves that the companies exhibiting for a long time are very enthusiastic, all kinds of new product companies are also holding a growth trend, and several domestic characteristic industrial bases are also exhibiting in the form of exhibition groups.

For the audience: Since the "2019CNTE" Expo has been exhibited for three consecutive days. A total of 35047 (incomplete statistics) industry buyers were attracted to visit. Among them, clothing manufacturers and trade import and export companies accounted for 86.4% of the audience

【Promotional Offensive】

1. Print media promotion: We will widely publicize the exhibition in more than 40 professional media, as well as central and local A-level newspapers and magazines, and form a print media promotion network spread by Jiangsu to the whole country.

2. Online publicity: On the basis of publicizing the exhibition, we will cooperate with professional information providers to provide the most timely exhibition, industry information and exhibitor dynamic information for visitors browsing the official website of the exhibition. At the same time, we will optimize the search engine and keyword settings to facilitate visitors to search for exhibition-related information.

3. Huge database resources: Through the professional buyer database of associations and organizational units, we widely invite textile, apparel, home textiles, bags, shoes and hats, manufacturers, and foreign trade import and export companies, such as corporate executives, purchasing executives or designers, and other related industries and persons Come to visit and purchase.

4. Direct mail promotion: Print 500,000 invitation letters and exhibition information, and directly mail or distribute to tens of thousands of professional visitors through various methods. Immediately afterwards, the staff of the professional call center team of Bemo Exhibition will notify, invite and remind each professional audience to come to the exhibition one-on-one.

5. SMS Propaganda: We will lock hundreds of thousands of leading mobile phone numbers in textile and apparel related industries before the exhibition, invite and remind potential audiences to visit the exhibition through SMS, and expand the visibility and influence of the exhibition.

【Exhibition Schedule】

Exhibition: August 25-26, 2020 (Tuesday to Wednesday)

Exhibition: August 27-29, 2020 (Thursday to Saturday)

Dismantling: August 29th, 2020 afternoon (Saturday afternoon)

【Scope of participation】

1. Fabric exhibition area: hemp, cotton, silk, chemical fiber, woven, woolen, knitted, coated fabric, flocking, functional fabric, lace embroidery, home textile, testing services, etc .;

2. Accessories exhibition area: buttons, zippers, trademarks, reflective materials, embroidery, lace, hangers, embroidery, lining, thread belts, lining cloth, shoulder pads, tags, etc .;

3. Clothing OEM: OEM processing of all types of men's and women's and children's clothing, leather and fur, cardigans, denim, original designers, design agencies, etc .;

4. Yarn exhibition area: all kinds of pure wool, cotton yarn, blended yarn, cashmere, linen yarn, fancy yarn, chemical fiber yarn, gold and silver yarn, wool yarn raw material, natural fiber, etc.

5. Clothing exhibition area: fashion accessories, shoes and bags, trendy hat ornaments, scarves, gloves, jewelry pendants and other accessories;

6. Home textile exhibition area: curtains, bedding, towels, bath towels, blankets, carpets, sofa supplies, pillows, etc.

7. Sewing equipment / digital printing exhibition area: sewing equipment, embroidery equipment, clothing equipment, ironing, hanging, CAD / CAM, printing equipment, printing materials 【Exhibition Procedure】

1. After confirming the participation, obtain the participation application form from the organizer and fill it in by mail or fax to the organizer.

2. Within 3 working days of applying for the booth, wire the exhibition fee [50% (down payment) or full amount] to the organization unit. After the organization has found the payment, the organization will deliver the invoice within 3 working days Exhibitors, if you have any remaining balance, please pay by July 15, 2020.

3. The principle of order allocation of booths: "Apply first, pay first, arrange first". Provide "Exhibitor Manual" to exhibitors one month before the exhibition.

4. Exhibitors who withdraw from the exhibition halfway will not be refunded. The organizer of this exhibition reserves the right of final interpretation of this event.